Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nubar Stronghold + stamping


I haven't stamped my nails in a long time, and last night I had some time to burn whilst waiting to go out. I had just painted my nails with Nubar Stronghold, as the top I was wearing last night had a lot of grey in it.
Nubar Stronghold is an absolute dream to apply. Two coats, it has a really creamy consistency and the brush is just the right size. I barely had to do any clean up afterwards, and usually I'm very messsy!

To match with the 'Stronghold' name, I went with a pattern tht I would describe as a mesh. You know those tall wire fences around courts n stuff? Well that's what it reminds me of.
I find that this pattern has a somewhat 'lengthening' effect on the nail.. much like when you wear a certain item of clothes because of it's slimming effect.

Stamping over the top I used Claire's no. 172. I really wish Claire's Accessories would name their polishes..

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